Adam J Wolf Blog

At Work

I know what you're thinking. Adam is crazy or he has the best job in the world and works on the most interesting projects. Projects like "Counting Unicorns", "Wookiee Voter Registration" or my favorite "Beer Tap Rush Hour".

Those projects would be incredible to work on; but I must confess, I do not work on any of them in real life. In real life, I work on projects that my employer really doesn't want me to talk about so I have disguised them in the fanatical sense for the joy and betterment of the lawyers.

The technical details and the conclusions are all real even though some of the business decisions might seem fictional and highly improbable. If we ever met in person and I have been given enough tacos to loosen my lips, I might tell you the true story behind "The Garden Gnome Gameshow" project.

I hope you enjoy the blog and my writing, Adam.